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Epiphone AJ18S

Epiphone AJ18S

  1. Name: Bryan

  2. Band: -----

  3. Model Year: 1999

  4. Price Paid: $389 with case

  5. Performance

  6. When I purchased my AJ18S I waned to upgrade from my 20+ year old Yamaha. I went to my local music store and the owner sat me down and said, “try what you like.” After playing many brands I settled on the AJ18S. The larger jumbo body sounds excellent with deep clear lows and a very comfortable action. Beautiful wood and finish. I have seen much more expensive guitars that didn’t look or sound as good. I have had my AJ18S for several years now and looking back on it, I would buy it again, no regrets. I have rated this guitar a 9 only because I don’t like to rate to the extremes.

  7. Performance Rating: 9

  8. Sound Quality

  9. Excellent.

  10. Sound Quality Rating: 7

  11. Construction

  12. Excellent.

  13. Construction Rating: 8


  1. Average Ratings
  2. Performance: 9
  3. Sound Quality: 9
  4. Construction: 9
  5. Ratings Key
  6. 10: Excellent
  7. 0: Useless
  8. Company
  9. Epiphone

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