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Peavey Vortex 1

  1. Name: Sethifer

  2. Band: Mad Puppet

  3. Model Year: 1985

  4. Price Paid: $150 used

  5. Performance

  6. I have NEVER given a stock guitar this high of a rating before in my life, so that should tell you something to start with. I received the guitar a week ago and it was in near perfect condition. The original owner did not even bother to learn how to play it. The guitar is vaguely star-shaped, almost shark-ish in its appearance. I’m not exactly sure if the guitar is ugly or beautiful, as it is really strange. The body shape is close to a combination Rhodes-V and Explorer shape. I love it. It is a 22 fret monstrosity with rather thick neck. The feel of the neck is comparable to a Les Paul without the weight of the Les Paul body weighing me down. The only down side is that there are only 22 frets, but considering that was a standard of the day (1985), I am not going to knock it. The guitar has a flat mount Kahler tremolo which by itself is worth what I paid for the guitar. Peavey really came through with this one. It stays in tune, plays notes accurately, and sounds incredible for playing metal. This guitar was basically given to me for a song because no one wanted it. At my first glance I thought “ugh” — but then I plugged it in. It feels fantastic for rhythm but it is a tiny bit uncomfortable for playing solos. As with every guitar, you have to get used to it to become more comfortable.

  7. Performance Rating: 10

  8. Sound Quality

  9. The pickups? Well, The stock pickups in this guitar are wonderful. I would never dream of replacing them. They are very powerful twin humbuckers and the switching is done with a 3-way toggle. Lesee how I can best describe these pickups... I record using a 10 watt crate, and with some creative techniques I get sounds out of different guitars to the degree where you would never know it was a 10 watt amp. This guitar when plugged into that amp and using the built in distortion produced a monster tone. It drives louder and fatter than any other guitar I have in my arsenal. The amp sounds like a little Mesa Boogie with this guitar plugged into it. These pickups are sweet. Pinch harmonics produced on this guitar remind me of that “Zakk Wylde” sound.

  10. Sound Quality Rating: 8

  11. Construction

  12. Well, I have never, ever gotten a guitar to play totally in tune without modifying it to the Buzz Feiten tuning system, until I got this guitar. The intonation was only slightly off (towards the upper frets) and after I adjusted it I was recording it within a few minutes. I have never played a Peavey guitar before, so I don’t know if this is characteristic of this model or all Peavey guitars. This has definitely opened my eyes though. The neck on this guitar is a bolt on but does not shift while I play. The Kahler tremolo system stays in tune well enough for me to overdub the same guitar line in a 6 minute song 4 times over and have it be indistinguishable from one solitary guitar. That is really staying in tune. If this guitar were lost or stolen I would find another. I may look for more regardless. This guitar was so incredible it was like a gift from God.

  13. Construction Rating: 8


  1. Average Ratings
  2. Performance: 10
  3. Sound Quality: 10
  4. Construction: 10
  5. Ratings Key
  6. 10: Excellent
  7. 0: Useless
  8. Company
  9. Peavey

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